BE ‘STRAGILE’ – Design your goal.

Stra – comes from ‘strategy’; agile – comes from agility


Design Thinking for Executives

Learn a brilliant problem-solving method

The Activation Workshop

Design Thinking is an approach to thought and work that can help you better handle the increasing complexity of our world, resolve difficult problems through unorthodox means, and ultimately, motivate you to develop more fully the potential of human performance.

Design Thinking helps executives better handle complex situations and strategically manage decision-making and change.

Ursula teaches the process of Design Thinking as a problem-solving process that any executive can immediately put into practice.

Design Thinking is a defined work process borrowed from the field of design that releases creative energy.

According to the HPI School of Design Thinking, the 6 phases of a Design Thinking process include the following elements, which are run through repeatedly to reach concrete solutions:

Business Model Canvas

Creative path to a successful business model

The success of a company stands or falls on its business model. So how exactly does your own business model work? How can you get to know your target group better and offer them true added value? And how can you sustainably differentiate yourself from your competitors on the market?

The Business Model Canvas enables you to describe any business model on the basis of nine building blocks.

Developed by Alexander Osterwalder and published in his book Business Model Generation, these methods and tools are already being used by leading companies worldwide.

The Canvas can quickly enhance existing business models in innovative companies. It generates ideas about how the company could be operating in two, five or ten years. The following video explains how the Business Model Canvas works.